About Us

I am Robert Lewis, an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I offer different products for people with different needs.

Everyone is designed differently. We all eat differently, move differently, burn fat differently and have different lifestyles. My whole purpose with the services that I offer is to maximize your results through the proper exercise and nutrition that will best fit your body type and your lifestyle. I am a strong believer that everyone simply cannot fit into the same “box”. A workout that works great for one person may or may not work the same for the next person. The same goes for nutrition. It is extremely important to understand how and why our bodies work the way they do in order to know what needs to be done to stay as healthy as possible.

I have learned from personal experience that certain foods and workouts do not work for me like they do other people. It is my desire to work with people that need to lose weight and get healthy based on their specific bodily needs.

Let’s get busy and get you healthy!